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Apex Media has produced over 1500 videos for businesses and for the education and entertainment industries.

These include corporate videos, advertising spots, documentaries, web series and news programming.

The company was founded by Guy Kélada, M.B.A. Guy has over 25 years of experience as an actor, a writer, a director and a producer.

Guy held actor roles in “Snakeyes”, “The List”,  “Bonnano” and in television shows like Ent’Cadieux, KmH and Coroner alongside Nicolas Cage, Gary Sinese, Ryan O’Neil and directors like Brian de Palma. 

Guy studied directing, acting and writing at the New York Film Academy, Montreal Actor’s studio, L’INIS, l’École Nationale de l’Humour and  Robert McKee. Guy holds a masters degree in business (M.B.A.), a drone pilot’s certificate and is a full member of ACTRA. 

Guy manages a team of professionals in cinematography, screen writing, film production and marketing to help you reach your communication goals.